The Tony Millionaire Show

At last we can announce our upcoming feature documentary, “The Tony Millionaire Show,” an exploration into the life and art of one of America’s best and most outrageous comics artists. After ten years we offer this tiny slice of video with only the barest of suggestions of what is to come.

Finally the piteous tale of Marion’s Bicycle can be told! Master cartoonist, bon vivant, and general reprobate Tony Millionaire leads his orchestra of violas in a stirring rendition of this timeless and tuneless classic. Marvel at the beauteous wonders of nature as Tony stomps about the fields at Golden Hour.

3 thoughts on “The Tony Millionaire Show”

    1. We tested it last night for a small audience including Tony. The Sundance deadline is in about two weeks, so we’re hoping to make that as well as the next group of festival deadlines. So, depending on where you live, it may come around sooner or later – it’s so hard to tell in 2019. For a truly independent film it’s a big gamble! Thanks for your interest, though. Keep in touch, because we’re sure to post anything that happens here.

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