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Thank you for your interest in Brian Dewan and his latest filmstrip DVD. Should you need additional information or want to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact cecilia[AT]brightredrocket[DOT]com and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

For a downloadable copy of the press release (as an MS Word document), Click Here. You can view the trailer for the DVD here and download stills and images for web or print below:


Brian Dewan is a musician, artist, furniture maker, performer and a 21st Century Renaissance man. He has recorded several albums of both historic folk music and his timeless originals. A graduate of Oberlin College, he has collaborated, performed or worked with the likes of David Byrne, They Might Be Giants, the Blue Man Group, Flaming Fire, Jed Davis, and Laurie Anderson. He has performed for “Sesame Street” and is included in the “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” soundtrack. He and his cousin Leon, under the collective name “Dewanatron,” build, exhibit and play a series of their beautiful, handmade synthesizers.


2007            Words of Wisdom (Eschatone Records)
2004            Patient Island, with Nina Katchadourian and Doug Skinner
2003            The Hunting of the Snark  (Immemorial Music)
2001            The Operating Theater  (Instinct Records)
1997            Free Lunch  (Jottoworld)
1994            The Latest Theory  (Hello Recordings)
1994            Brian Dewan Tells the Story  (Bar/None Records)
1993            Brian Dewan  (Hello Recordings)

If you’re interested in upcoming performances, exhibitions and other Brian Dewan happenings, feel free to visit his blog. For information on purchasing film strips and original art, contact the Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

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