The Naked Cosmos Press Section

Thank you for your interest in The Naked Cosmos and Gilbert Hernandez. Should you need additional information or want to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact cecilia[AT]brightredrocket[DOT]com and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

For a downloadable copy of the press release (as an MS Word document), Click Here. You can view the trailer for the DVD here and download stills and images for web or print below:

About the Creators:

Gilbert Hernandez is co-creator of the comic book LOVE and ROCKETS, which makes him only half a crook.   He also works on other comic book projects and the way he lives with himself selling out, is by living in Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal.  His comics are available through his publisher, Fantagraphics Books, Inc.

Carol Kovinick is a photographer and actress who has never made a living at either.   She is also the number one Devo fan in Las Vegas.


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Still Gallery

zansky-1_tif velda-and-mims-1_tif velda-and-kalisto_tif quintas-and-velda-1_tif quintas-6_tif quintas-5_tif quintas-3_tif quintas-2_tif quintas-1_tif old-man-mims_tif mims-1_tif kalisto-6_tif kalisto-5_tif kalisto-4_tif kalisto-3_tif frothing-2_tif frothing-1_tif ego-and-velda_tif ego-4_tif ego-3_tif ego-2_tif ego-1_tif chief-1_tif amazing-fantasy_tif