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    1. Sure? I mean, do YOU know anyone there who would look at it and buy it? I sure don’t, and you can’t just email them a link. You need a name…

    1. I’d like to think I’m not THAT old – still have a few years left in me. But yes, it’s totally fair, we still have not found any distribution for the film! AFM is this Fall, and we hope to have it and the next film ready. We have to get Tony off his ass to get us some key artwork first… so many things, so many cogs and wheels must be set into motion! It’s not the best when you are tiny and unknown. Thanks very much for still being interested!

      1. Of course we are all young and happy 🙂 Nevertheless i hope you will find the proper way to show the movie to the world, because we are looking forward to it!

        1. Believe me, we’re working on it! And we’re grateful for people like you who are still excited for it!

  1. This documentary looks so excellent that I’ve had it on my radar for years. I really hope you’re able to find a distributer who knows a gemstone when they see it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I really hope someone will pick it up, too, but it’s looking less and less likely each day. I think we’re going to have to buy a van and an old bedsheet and tour it ourselves. Just kidding, although maybe we will be booking it slowly on our own. What city do you live in and what is the indie/college town/cool/ repertory/art film theatre in your area? I’m starting to make a list!

      1. I live in Australia. There’s one cinema I can imagine a doco like this screening at and attracting a crowd. The Astor Theatre in Melbourne Victoria. A pretty well known icon of the city which plays daily films from classics to new releases. Even obscure shows seem to attract a crowd (often the right type of crowd). I wouldn’t at all be surprised if a bunch of Melbourne based Tony Millionaire fans came out of the woodwork for a showing of this. Not sure what their process is, but maybe it’s worth dropping them a line and asking.

        1. I’d love to show there! It will be, of course, up to them to program it! But thanks for the recommendation. They’re now on my list for when we end up doing it ourselves, and on the list for when we don’t but make recommendations to someone who can. It’s so much easier sending a film to Aus for us now – just a small case with a hard drive! Don’t hold your breath that they will bring US over there (I’d love to visit) but maybe we can get the film into your eyeballs. Thanks for reaching out!

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